MATEMATИKA : Through a land of mathematics

Welcome to the site of the exhibition project MATEMATИKA !

This exhibition will be based on interviews with ten Russian women from nine different Russian cities who contribute, directly and indirectly, to research in mathematics. Each one of our heroines is engaged, in her unique way, into mathematics : through research, education, applications, communication and support of mathematical research.
Each one of the heroines is our guide to the mathematical world of a Russian city she lives in. We hope to discover Russia through such a mathematical prism, and we are interested in a guide as much as we are in the tour.

In the late Spring of 2021 we will get on the train that will cross Russia, from Khabarovsk to Saint-Petersbourg, with a goal to meet with our heroines to conduct the interviews. The exhibition will be finalised in 2022 and premiered at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Saint-Petersbourg in July 2022.

This project is a joint project of the non-profit organisation Wandering Mathematics (Mathématiques Vagabondes) based in France and of the Committee for Women in Mathematics of the International Mathematical Union.


The exhibition will be premiered at the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics, (WM)² in July 2022 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, preceeding the the International Congress of Mathematicians, ICM 2022. The exhibition will be open throughout all the Congress.

This exhibition is an art and journalism project. It inscribes in the tradition of telling stories of women in mathematics started at the previous (WM)² event in Rio de Janeiro, where the film Journeys of women in mathematics has been presented.

Short description

The exhibition will consist of photographs and citations from the interviews with the heroines. The full transcripts of the interviews will be presented in the blog section to come. The materials of the final version of the site will be available in English and Russian.

This exhibition is a portrait of Russia, through actresses of mathematics. We certainly hope that after its first presentation at ICM in 2022, it will travel the world.